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Animal Friendships

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There was recently a Time Magazine story on animal friendships.  It detailed the intimate and friendly relationships of bears, monkeys and other animals.   There is no doubt to me that Roxie, the Japanese bobtail cat and Jean Claude, the black Bombay cat share a great love. Despite their bickering, fur snatching and overturning of objects in the heat of battle, they are truly enamoured of each other. They provide each other comfort, protection and inspiration. Besides when it’s all said and done, Roxie, though half Jean Claude’s size, can and often does kick Jean Claude’s tin-can. She is a queen. Now a brief dedication to another Queen – departed from this world too soon. Whitney Houston’s music lives on.‘.

That’s What Friends Are For

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Jean Claude Relaxing

I am blessed in so many ways, with friends and family, and staff I enjoy. It’s easy to overlook those things with life challenges and people whose inner demons make it hard for them to relate or care. I think the trick is to focus on those who do care about themselves, so they care about others. Friends help you love you better. Roxie and Jean Claude of course have limitless love for me and CCL – because they know they are royalty.

A Moveable Feast or Simply “Gone Fishin”??

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All They Need is the Tartar Sauce

One of my wonderful co-workers and her husband have three furry creatures…and now also an aquarium full of fish. She sent this photo along with the caption “All they need is the tartar sauce.”