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The Garage: Standoff

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Monday, I decided to do some gardening while Jean Claude, the black Bombay cat and Koko, the domestic shorthair cat,  roamed the backyard.   I left the garage door open.  Mistake.  While Koko and Jean Claude are fascinated by nature they like the dark and hidden places that still exist behind boxes and other items stored in the garage.  After a romp in the yard  they go there.  This time they went inside and they wouldn’t come out.   I decided to do some raking which I did for several minutes, returned to the now closed (and locked)  garage.  The cats  still chose to remain hidden and unreachable, despite the fact that food, treats, water and warmth were awaiting them in the house.   So  I let them stay there for awhile, in the darkness while I read,  did some work and watched a little television.   After a long whle I went back to the garage where the animals  were eager to come inside to the warmth, food and treats awaiting them.  Jean Claude and Koko understood their survival meant playtime in the darkness had to end.  Unfortunately  many politicians in Washington  feel that their hatred of certain policies  and certain  people who don’t think or look like they do  is justification to turn off the lights for the whole world.   The government shutdown has ended and the debt ceiling lifted but some members of the GOP  want to stay inside the garage.  Maybe they should take a lesson from Jean Claude and Koko.