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Taking Our Medicine

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So, once again I begin the challenging morning ritual of giving Roxie her meds.  Yep, Roxie, the Japanese bobtail, is recovering from surgery and must take three different forms of prescription drugs.  It’s definitely  a challenge, and I am glad the reality television cameras are not rolling when I administer the medication, but eventually Roxie, after much hollering and screaming, takes her medicine.   I think she knows it will make her feel better and extend her life.

There’s a lot of talk these days about how to solve this nation’s economic woes.  There are a number among us who  in the course of pursuing short-term greed have sacrificed long-term gain.  Millions are jobless and devastated.     Everyone is expressing outrage and pointing fingers.  .  Our political leaders have offered a myriad of solutions but don’t want to lose any ground for the 2012 elections.   In scenes right out of Frank Capra’s 1939 classic “Meet John Doe.” Occupy Wall Street groups have sprung up all over the world.  But in  this country it should  not be me against them.  It’s U-S.   Perhaps like Roxie it’s time for all of us to take our medicine.


What Is It??

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There seems to be a lot of anger out there these days. What is it really?? What caused it?? Advertising? Public Relations or Fear. I suspect the later stirred by the former .    It takes real courage to live and let live. It takes courage to be sure of one’s place in the world regardless of circumstances or data or changing demographics or advertising. It used to be that advertising caused people to worry about the kind of car they drove, or what cereal to buy or rather a lipstick was pretty. Now advertising is being used to stir negative emotion.   We have to get back to a place of Courage and  Hope.