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Beauty Queens

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Roxe, A True Beauty

Drama. Drama. Drama.  With the event of the “Real Housewives,” “Jerseylicious,” “Basketball Wives” and other similarly themed shows the “so called” real lives of selectly cast Americans are on display for the rest of us to see.  Diversions, table turning, eye rolling, hair pulling etc.  all under the watchful and intriqued eyes of us.  And yes, this passes for entertainment, I admit, I watch but just how real is it all.  I’ve met some of the “real housewives,” and “basketball wives,” they have been smart, gracious and glamorous.  Like the rest of us they seek validation beyond their exteriors.  I remember the hit song “Everyone is Beautiful” in his or her own way.  I am blessed to know a lot of beautiful people inside and out and of course Roxie, a true queen.

Watching Too Much Television

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Roxie Watching Television

I watch too much TV. I always have watched too much. Old Law and Order episodes are still my favorite, followed by the Real Housewives of Atlanta (guilty pleasure). Of course Roxie shares my fascination with the RHOA.