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Cat Magic

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My basement back door  until recently didn’t have a bottom screen, so  when ever I opened the door Koko, the domestic shorthair ,would simply go between the security bars and  out into the yard.  Finally felt a little better and fixed it yesterday.  This morning, though still a bit with cold, I  decided to take  to the yard to do a little pruning.  I opened the basement door and BAM Koko ran straight up against the screen.  No the little darling was not hurt, simply suprised as she tried to peel through the screen hole Jean Claude opened two years ago when he decided to re-enter my house without my help – March, 2010 blog “The Cat Door: Paging Mr. Serling.”  Well she nit So once I opened the door to let her out she was a little more cautious – first surveying the yard, going to sit on my new outdoor chair and then for a brief time coming inside for a few minutes.  She darted in the yard and up her tree to watch the world.  As Jean Claude, at peace, quietly chewed grass and contemplated his plans for the day.