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Stress Management

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Experts have long reported the persons who have pets, particularly cats are often less stressed.  I guess that’s true unless you are truly one of those hoarder types that make the news because you have 300 cats running around  the house amid debris and empty Chinese cartons using the bathtub and the washing machine as a litter boxes.   Jean Claude and Koko  of course are civilized with Koko showing early signs of being a classy babe.  Both provided me with relief the other day after a long stressful time at work.  JC of course was typical male and Koko at first was standoffish…but after a time both came to cuddle with me for a bit.  A movement of peace…purring.

A Time of Growth and Renewal

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Jean Claude is sitting at my back porch steps after some early morning conversation with my neighbor Bonnie’s dog “Six” and another dog across the alley. 7:30 am in the morning. Kind of loud Spring is his favorite time of the year it seems.