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Roxie’s Laser Toy is Lost – Again

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Roxie, the Japanese bobtail, is frisky . She needs lots of attention and lots of play- or else.  We are at the “or else “stage right now. That’s right folks, Roxie’s current laser toy is missing.  I’ve looked everywhere for it and Madame is not pleased.  Between that and having to give her meds daily…well it can be overwhelming.   You may think that perhaps, Jean Claude, the black bombay, in a fit of jealousy hid the toy.   No, JC is really quite sweet especially after his morning constituional.  Today it was raining quite a bit but he went outside anyway and spent time sitting on the lawn meditating under the giant tree in my back yard.  Later he came back inside  the house slightly wet and retreated to one his “spots” under the chair in my sitting room. Roxie, well, she’s Roxie.

Here’s a tribute to the rain and JC and Roxie – one of the funniest break up songs ever ..Oran Juice’s Original “I Saw You Walking in the Rain.”

The Queen Must Be Amused

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CCL calls Roxie a drama queen. She is a true Japanese bobtail and very prissy. Clearly she has a short attention span. Jean Claude, the male Bombay cat, can stay in the yard and watch the birds and dialouge with them for hours – ok for at least several minutes but if no food or fun is involved Roxie’s not having it. She’d rather watch Tivo with grandma. Yes, Lionel, that cat is watching television. Of course playing with her laser toy remains her favorite form of amusement.

Boys and Their Toys

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I just found out my nephew Evan, just over one year old, is starting to walk. Evan likes to dance, so does Roxie, she loves music of all kinds. Evan like his “cousin” Jean Claude also likes to make noise. Give Evan a spoon and a pan and sit him in the middle of the floor and bang – bang/pop pop. Recently I’ve had a few deliveries…this has meant empty boxes much to Jean Claude’s delight and while he can’t quite manage a spoon he does love the sound of the box as he pounds against it with his paws.