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This week and next I have jury duty – that means nightly I call in with my juror number to see if I’ve been picked to serve on a panel.     I did not get picked today but I’m home waiting for the cable contractor and also to see what time I can pick up  the Japanese bobtail Roxie  from the vet. She had surgery on Friday and has been at the vet since last Tuesday. Saturday, CCL and I were allowed to pay her a visit. We both held her watched her and played music for her. She was in some pain and then calmed down. She seemed better for the most part when we left. Her absence is clearly tough on the black bombay Jean Claude, who totally male, has been extremely needy the last few days. He usually loves to go outside for his morning constitutional but today he sat almost listless by the backporch door and  then came in the house  after only a brief time  as if hoping Roxie would be in the house when he returned.