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Spent little time working my garden this weekend.   Still too cold at night to plant annuals.  My rosebushes seem to be staving off black spot for now.  I have some salvia that is starting to flower a bit so  I’ll let the rain and the sun do their work.   Hopefully next weekend will be good for planting. 

It’s been a week since I’ve had the pleasure of  daily life with  Jean Claude and Roxie. They’ve spent time enjoying their other residence with their mom CCL.   Roxie did go missing for a brief spell.    She was located behind the washing machine, a favorite hiding place.

This evening I started putting out some of their toys in preparation for their return this week.  Later  I’ll  put out their water bowl(filtered of course) and their dry food dishes. It’s interesting how easy life is when we prepare for the good  – not just the bad stuff .  Busy week this week,  so I made mac and cheese with three cheeses…decided to leave bacon and tomatoes out.  Also  made Mexican pork chops – The recipe follows:

Mexican Pork Chops


Three or four Pork chops (m’ais oui)

One yellow onion

One small can of tomato paste

One cup of water

One can of whole kernel corn

One can of red beans (drained and washed)

Olives(the big kind)

One cup Rice ( I prefer brown rice)


Heat oven to 350 degrees

Slice the onion into rounds and cut them in half

Season the chops with season salt and chilli pepper

 Brown the onions and the chops in a pan or a skillet ( I prefer cast iron)

Remove the chops  from the pan and set aside, leave the onions in the pan

Add to the pan or skillet  the uncooked rice, water, tomato paste, corn(undrained), beans(drained) – Stir, season mixture to taste and then place the chops on top

Garnish with olives(LOTS)  and bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes

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