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The Male Species

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Jean Claude just came back in -again .  I let him out in the back yard  this morning.   He  was  visiting my neighbor’s yard but my other  neighbor let her dog out  and he and Jean Claude are not so chummy these days.     I tend to leave Jean Claude outside and close the door.    He’s a pretty large cat and he can take care of himself.   Roxie, a female  Japanese bobtail, is so tiny I encourage her to come in when I do as she really seems to lack a sense of direction and has been known to run off and stay out all night.   Jean Claude –  I know eventually he’ll knock to let me know he wants to come back in the house or he’ll  cry out.     Bombays, I’ve read, think they are dogs.  Jean Claude certainly fits the mode.  For sure he knows he’s a “male.”     Last night I came in pretty late , around 11,  and he  just breezed right past me when I opened the door and escaped into the night.   I just let him go hang.  I wasn’t chasing him.  Around 2 am I heard him at the front door and came down and let him in the house.  Typical.

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