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Orange Bud- Mystery Solved

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Shortly after my daughter, CCL, moved in a house ,  located not far from mine , an orange cat began to visit Jean Claude  in the alley behind  my house when I let JC outdoors.    The cat was  presumed to be female, as Jean Claude likes the ladies (human and animal as witnessed by his affection for my neighbor’s dog.)    The same orange cat , hither to be known as “Orange Bud”   also made appearances at CCL’s house when Jean Claude was there.   Orange Bud sat below  the window where  Jean Claude would view the world – the two of them engaging in conversation.    According to my cousin’s husband   Eric, Orange Bud also made an appearance outside my house  the night JC and Roxie terrorized  Eric while  he  and his wife paid a visit  (see Scare-D Cat July 30/2010).   Well folks, the mystery of who is  Orange Bud  and  who HE  belongs to  has been resolved.  Last night I stopped by CCL’s house,  Jean Claude poised by the front door ran out and stayed out for a good while.  After about an hour I went to look for him and asked my daughter’s neighbor had he seen JC.   “The black cat,”  the neighbor replied “Oh, he’s probably around here with our orange cat – they run together.”   When I informed the neighbor the orange cat often travels the few blocks to my house to visit, he laughed.    Shortly after that conversation Jean Claude returned to CCL’s porch.  After  a little porch fun on Jean Claude’s  part,  he kept running away from the door as I opened it   just to let me know who is boss I suppose,   I let him in the house.

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