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What Cats Teach Us

Cats teach us a lot. People who don’t like cats tend to say that they don’t like them because they are sneaky or aloof when nothing could be further from the truth. Cats are loving creatures who love those who have shown that they deserve love. Cats are also loyal, knowing who are the people who mean them good. Dogs will cuddle up to anyone who walks in the house. Just like in life, we should be open to allowing new people in our lives, but we shouldn’t let every person who crosses our path into our lives.

For the last three weeks, I’ve had the pleasure of having the cats at my house. It’s been a good journey, complete with Roxie running away, Jean-Claude demanding to go outside and me running out of wet food (a big no no).

I’ve also played with them, combed them and watched them fight and this morning saw the evidence of a pretty big fight downstairs.

Gotta love those cats.

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