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So apparently I come by it naturally

I’ve always thought that I was a cat person and that my parents merely tolerated my love of those feline critters.  How wrong I was!

Having my mother look after Jean-Claude and Roxie, I see that she too is a cat love and now, I just found out my father is a cat person!

He called me one day, from SC where he lives, to tell me that a cat kept coming around and he was feeding it.  Fast forward to a week later and the cat has moved in.  Now he calls me with cat questions and cat updates.  It’s the cutest thing (for the Family Guy fans, he’s acting just like Quagmire did when he got James).  And the Cat (no name) is acting just like a cat.  She wants to eat when she wants, be petted when she’s ready and has adopted the second bedroom as her own.  She follows him around the house and is a good companion.

Cats choose their owners.  Roxie tapped my leg with her paw and JC threw himself around my mom’s neck.  In life most of us have this same instinct of “family”.  People we just met that we feel like we’ve known for years.  People we know will be a part of our life and people who can come in and out.

Here’s an email my dad sent me on Cat:

“Cat” seems perfectly fine that there are only 2 of us here. She spends her days sleeping and prowling, but last week when I had tours, she was shocked to stay outside all day. She hates the cold. If put out, she meows and hangs around until I let her in. Most cats escape; she’s the opposite. Within 15 min. oft my coming back, she’ll see the light on or hear movement and show up.

Now she wants to eat all the time. She thinks whenever I go to the kitchen she’s supposed to be fed. When she’s really full, she sacks out in [the guest] room. Otherwise, she’s burrowing under the covers, where she plays contently, or walking across my chest, after looking me straight in the eye from 3 inches away. She placed her dish next to the refrigerator where she prefers it. She likes dining out, too. On the step. She’s such a time player! Very in tune and intelligent. Plays w/ others well.


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  1. Cat is non-plused by her fame. Resting on the down comforter, so says to tell all hello. “Hi world!”


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