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Is it something I Said?

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Years ago Richard Pryor recorded an album “Is It Something I Said.”  The album cover is a classic and features  the comedian  tied to the stake  in front of a large  group of people dressed in hooded robes holding  flaming fire stakes. Very funny and very obvious.   Anger is an emotion we all experience.  An unpleasant emotion yet a necessary one to expel the poisons that can inflict the soul.    There are those who contain their anger as if it is something wrong in expessing it openly.   So much hidden anger.  As a cook I am aware that even a pot of food on simmer will eventually come to a boil.    But there are a lot of  flame throwers out there.   People  say things that are cloaked in thinly diguised rage.  The veiled compliment.  The query about your weight, height, sex, male friend or work life – with the added “You look tired. ” The poisonous fake concern.    I am lucky that there are people (and animals) in my life with healthy dispositions and a  sense of self.  It is important to surround oneself with TRUE people  who express themselves.   People  who are positive but  let you know where you stand  with them good or bad.  As humans we get on each others nerves but conflict is necessary.    Ultimately  true friends lift the spirits. Those who care ,whether close friends or business associates, offer more  with the candor in their everyday conversation than the curtain of a smile.

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