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Well it’s a New Year!

And there were lots of things that went on last year. Azeena has been pressuring me to blog but I keep forgetting that I can blog through email. That’s much easier for me. So recently, Roxie went to the vet. She’s a natural born trouble maker but we still love her anyway. Roxie will always get herself into trouble whether it’s running outside and down the street but all we can do is try to protect her best we can and help her get herself right when she does get into trouble. However, she will be getting health insurance ASAP!

Both of the cats are extremely different (which if you’ve been reading this blog you can tell). Jean-Claude is relaxed and chill and very smart. He can go outside and will merely knock on the door when he’s ready. He’s also a loving cat, but likes to do his own thing. Roxie on the other hand has a need to be around her people. She follows me and my mom through the house and at night must be snuggled in bed next to either CCL or Azeena (depending on whose house she’s at).

We haven’t talked about it on the blog, but recently both CCL and Azeena started new businesses. We’ve both been navigating through the ups and downs of taking on the new challenges a business creates. It’s a great experience for learning both about yourself and about other people. to make a business successful ultimately it comes down to what can you give your customers and has nothing whatsover to do with you.

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