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Blinds, Birds and Trash Trucks

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JC at the Bedroom Window

Jean Claude is a peace-loving animal.   He looks out my bedroom window and actually tries to chat with the birds.  Roxie, as those of you who read this blog know, is not so accomodating.    Like most Bombays JC thinks he’s a dog and wants his belly rubbed. Last night he needed extra attention. Ms. Roxie was not  pleased as she feels her need for nighttime attention supersedes his or anyone else’s for that matter.  Eventually the fur began to fly…yes, at 3 am and on my bed!!  Then, détente.  Later Jean Claude made an early  morning request  that the blinds to my bedroom window  be raised — by patting them– to accommodate his need to view his kingdom aka my backyard.  Wednesday is trash day and for whatever reason he seems to find the process of trash collection fascinating.

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