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This is My House – Dog Gone It

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Right now I have two buckets and a trash can, collecting water from my roof. A mishap I feel would have been avoided had I determined (after seven visits, several leaks and now two ceiling collapses in eleven years) that my roofer and likely my roof were not to be trusted. I have now discovered Angie’s list. The result of this dilemna, buckets leaking water means that Jean Claude and Roxie no longer visit me in my bedroom. Roxie who liked to cuddle and watch movies has been particularly disturbed by this development. She visits me frequently when I’m in the kitchen and has a forlorn and puzzled look on her face. The other day when I bent down under the kitchen sink she hopped on my back for a ride. A guilty pleasure up until now she reserved for my daughter CCL. I now have to bounce around on all fours to accomodate la chat. (please note I have Angie’s List -DC on speed dial)

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  1. oh god!!! hope thisd works out, a leaky roof is never good!!!


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