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Roxie Hid My Shoes

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Roxie and Jean Claude went to the vet the other day. Roxie’s arrival was greated with an “ah Roxie” by the receptionist. She is quite something but CCL said she was well behaved during the visit. “Jean Claude was the one who showed his tail” CCL reports. Roxie, a female Japanese bobtail, and Jean Claude, a male Bombay, have been at their other residence, my daughter Crazy Cat Lady’s house, for about a week. Yesterday I went to visit them. Roxie was very friendly and chatty. I fell asleep on the sofa and she jumped on top of me meowing for me to wake up. When I got up to go home my shoes were missing. Could of sworn I removed them when I was downstairs although I did go upstairs to visit briefly with Jean Claude who was napping on CCL’s bed. Later found the shoes upstairs by CCL’s dresser. Similar to the California Klepto Kitty – Dusty.

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