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Roxie, the Japanese bobtail, and Jean Claude, the black Bombay, spent part of their morning this morning poised on top of a chair looking through my front living room window. They still are not that comfortable in their usual morning spot at my bedroom window. I think I’ve mentioned I have had some challenges lately with the roof over my bedroom ceiling. A roof blowback, then collapse. A tarp has been placed over the roof and it rained heavily last night. I could hear the splatter and I was afraid. Still as if to comfort me Roxie sat in her spot which is just below the hole in the ceiling where the ceiling caved. By the way before the tarp was placed on the roof, Roxie wouldn’t go near her spot. She would look at me and then look at the hole and look at me and look at the hole and walk away. She senses the tarp and it brings her comfort. There’s been a lot of rain and wind lately. Folks in my neighborhood have seen trees and roofs collapse. Lots of repairs, lots of roofers.

I think about wind, rain and roof issues and the people of Japan. Their bravery, their steadfastness – inspire. Their visible grief – heartbreaking. Prayers of safety and restoration to the people of Japan. May God provide them a tarp of safety, blessings and peace.

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