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The Catfather – Dedicated to Pirate

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Cats sometimes like to bring their owners little presents. Years ago my sister “Li” owned a black cat named Pirate. Pirate used to like to roam in the woods behind Li’s apartment building. He sometimes brought home a little present, an empty can of yogurt, a dead bird, and small dead mouse. For Pirate it was love and my sister seemed to understand.

One of my coworkers told me the other day his young daughter had been particularly fond of a cat who only seemed to have love for her and her alone. The cat slept in her bed nightly, under the covers , that was until the fateful day the cat– out of love ?? — left a headless bird in her bed. Yep, the little girl pulled back the covers, just like in the “The Godfather” movie and there was the decapitated birdie. The family soon purchased a new mattress for the distraught little girl who after some months found love again for her feline friend although he was no longer allowed to sleep in her bed.

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