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Oh The Humanity

The internet is a wonderful invention. It has improved human life and the quality of life in literally trillions of ways. However, in everything that’s good there must be some bad. The internet allows people to hide anonymously and lose their humanity. Comments that are completely devoid of compassion, empathy, human feeling are made by mothers, fathers, doctors, policemen and others who in day to day contact would never say that to someone’s face. They bully people, beat up on rape victims. In fact Law & Order did an episode where an online “social justice mob” lead to murder. We’ve seen instances of suicides where people have been pushed over the edge. We’ve seen countless instances of how the internet can be used to bring out the worst in humanity.

The internet turns cowards into heros. On the internet there are far more sites dedicated to catching humanity at its worst than to celebrate the wonderful things that occur daily in our lives.

But, we have the power to change that.

With the cats, they do bad things but we forgive them. If they could type, would Jean-Claude post snarky comments on a site about how his mom didn’t give him wet food for two days? Would Roxie post some message about how her Grandma leaves her during the day and she has to sleep on the bed alone?

No, they wouldn’t. They would recognize that they are blessed beyond measure. Today, I will celebrate something good I see in someone and cast aside the negative. It’s easier to be negative than to be positive. Being positive requires more thought, more discipline but once you start thinking the good, you’ll find that it’s easier. Positivity pushes out negativity. Positivity will act as a barrier that negativity can’t cross. The thing about negativity is that it brings you down, but by doing something for someone else. Being kind, celebrating goodness we can counterbalances what’s out there bombarding us.

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