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Don’t Wake a Man Out of His Sleep

Azeena mentioned this before, but when I went to her house to get the cats I stayed for a bit. I like to do this to give them a chance to “forgive” me for leaving them. Well last time I was there and got caught up in an episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent so I was there for a while. So long that Jean-Claude who was awake when I walked in was under Azeena’s bed asleep.

If you’ve been reading this blog for a long time then you can tell that Roxie is the one who is prissy and JC just goes with the flow. But this time it was different. Jean-Claude was so upset that he ran and hid, presumably to go back to sleep. So if you try to find a black cat in all of the crevices of a house you can imagine my frustration. So I just took Roxie and went back later to fetch le chat noir. And sure enough on the next go round he was eager to hop in the crate.

My male friends immediately jumped to JC’s defense and reminded me – never wake a man out of his sleep. I guess for JC the process of dealing with all of the females in his life he needs his downtime. As you can see he is not the same wonderful happy JC when you wake him up!

So my lesson was regardless of species, let that man sleep and you’ll have a much happier household!

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