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What to Wear?? My T- Shirt Drawer Following a Search by the Fashionable Jean Claude

OK.   Roxie, the Japanese bobtail,  loves television and old movies.  CCL says it’s the sounds of voices and the activity  on the screen that captivates her.    After all,  CCL maintains, animals can’t discern what’s happening on  television.   So  CCL and I agree to disagree on the subject of whether Roxie is actually watching television.    But I know for a fact Roxie is a huge fan of “Sex and the City,  ”   particularly Seasons Two and Five, which also happen to be my favorites.   Now I don’t know if it’s New York,  the fashions or the banter but if I turn on episode of  “Sex and the City” on Roxie  jumps on in my lap or saunters nearby  and at least appears  to  be watching Sarah and the girls on TV  – fascinated.

Still the  fashion maven (or cross dresser???)  appears to be Jean Claude, the black Bombay, who regularly goes through my t-shirt drawer – ah… looking for something to wear?

Roxie Prefers The Laundry Basket (Empty)

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