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Oh Jean Claude

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Jean Claude on "his" chair

Jean Claude, the black male Bombay, returned home last night after a 24-hour adventure. Still puzzled to how he got out the house, perhaps as I was hanging a Christmas wreath on the back door.  However he got out and what he did during his day-long dissapearance remains a mystery.  CCL and I spent hours yesterday looking for him in the back alley behind my house. As JC is a house cat he doesn’t tend to travel far.  I also expressed angst to any and all who would listen despite assurances from CCL the little bad a@* would return.  I remained unconvinced as I had put food out for the little bugger and it had not been eaten.  Bombays, as cat lovers know, love food.  I decided to go to bed but just before midnight I jumped  out of bed  almost knocking Roxie, the Japanese bobtail, out of her slumber and went downstairs and noticed the spotlight on my garage flickering off and on.  I knew.  I opened the back porch door and let Jean Claude inside and he went straight for his  food bowl and then to his favorite chair for a nap. Typical male.

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