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Hello To A New Season

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Change.  It’s so hard.  It’s not just the fear factor, it’s being uncomfortable – even if it’s only temporary.  Still, it is always a good when we can adapt to change, hard as it often might be, with a smile, a sigh and just a bit of enthusiasm. There’s an amazing song on one of Quincy Jones albums, “Everything Must Change, ” sung by James Ingram.  It describes the uncertainty and the promise of change.

The weather is turning cooler, the leaves are still falling from the trees.  Those of us who live on the East Coast have turned back our clocks to welcome daylight a little earlier.

Already stores have begun displaying Christmas decorations.  Thanksgiving is next week.

In just about an hour, Koko, the domestic shorthair will be back at Crazy Cat Lady’s residence in Philadelphia.  We had a grand time and I will miss Koko as my secre-cat.  For those who read this blog regularly, you know that Koko likes to sit on my lap while I write.

Of course, I will miss her but it’s time for her to go home and for me to change my routine a bit.

Koko, I know, will be all right.  So will I.






Tis the Season – No Doubt

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Jean Claude and Koko have had quite a time during the holiday season.  First helping me to decorate, including supervising getting the decorations out of my garage.  Then of course playing hide and seek under the Christmas tree. Yes, I brave it.  Getting a live tree every year, plus so far they’ve only pulled one decoration off the tree – a gold colored cloth decoration shaped in a heart.  This photo was too funny to resist.


Holiday Critters

Holiday Critters

Road Trip

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CCL and I have hit the road “over the river” and through Pennsylvania for family Thanksgiving dinner. Tradition, family and love. Just passed a herd of cows. Years ago my parents took my sister and me on road trips. My mom would have us count the cows on our sides of the car. Whoever got the biggest tally would win some candy. If you passed a graveyard it meant your tally was wiped out and you had to start over.


Two Days Before Christmas

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I just finished watering snapdragons. Beautiful, pink, flourishing, it’s December 22. Jean Claude was enjoying the warm weather, nestled in the grass and quietly observing his surroundings. No birds really to chase. My neighbors have not let the dogs out. It’s just quiet. Just two days before Christmas. Two days before Roxie and Jean Claude go to what will now become their primary resident at CCL’s house. But for now we are all now taking a much needed rest. Roxie for her part spends a lot of time watching the Christmas tree and listening with me to TD Jakes.

Christmas and the Grape

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Clearly Jean Claude and Roxie are fascinated by the Christmas  tree in my living room. They’ve spent endless hours just watching it. Years ago they used to knock the tree down but now their play in the living room and dining room centers around removing the colorfully wrapped candy pieces out of the Christmas bowls and batting the pieces around on the floor . JC is particularly found of playing with the foiled wrapped candy as well as a grape I must of dropped when I was getting food out of the refrigerator.   The grape has moved from under a dining room chair to under my living room couch – I guess so it can get a better view of the Christmas tree too!!