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The Sass is Back

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Most of you know that Roxie and Jean Claude no longer reside with me on a permanent basis. At first when I would visit CCL’s house there were clear signs Roxie, the Japanese bobtail missed me – if I took a nap on CCL’s sofa, she would sleep on top of me. She came to greet me as does Jean Claude, the black Bombay who thinks he a dog, as soon as I opened the door to CCL’s house.  Once situated she  started to come around  after I had been in my daughter’s house for awhile, a low herself to be petted and rubbed and then proceed to prowl and walk around as if she were queen of the manor.  At some point Roxie was not herself  for a couple of days,  she refiused to come downstairs and was tender when picked up,  perhaps a set back following her surgery last fall  but the last few days I went to visit her she seemed to be her old self – Queen of the Manor.

CCL and I recently went to the Sachal Vasandani , – A Chicago-born jazz singer of Indian descent – amazing.   Sachal’s “Eyes Wide Open-Naked As We Came”  truly fits the “Rhythm of Roxie.”

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