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Brookland DC – An Up and Coming Neighborhood

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My Brookland DC neighborhood has recently become an up and coming neighborhood with housing prices escalating and fun new restaurants.   Jean Claude, the Black Bombay and Koko, the celebrity cat have demanded that their accomodations be modified to reflect this upwardly mobile trend – with not one but two cardboard houses.Image

The Sass is Back

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Most of you know that Roxie and Jean Claude no longer reside with me on a permanent basis. At first when I would visit CCL’s house there were clear signs Roxie, the Japanese bobtail missed me – if I took a nap on CCL’s sofa, she would sleep on top of me. She came to greet me as does Jean Claude, the black Bombay who thinks he a dog, as soon as I opened the door to CCL’s house.  Once situated she  started to come around  after I had been in my daughter’s house for awhile, a low herself to be petted and rubbed and then proceed to prowl and walk around as if she were queen of the manor.  At some point Roxie was not herself  for a couple of days,  she refiused to come downstairs and was tender when picked up,  perhaps a set back following her surgery last fall  but the last few days I went to visit her she seemed to be her old self – Queen of the Manor.

CCL and I recently went to the Sachal Vasandani , – A Chicago-born jazz singer of Indian descent – amazing.   Sachal’s “Eyes Wide Open-Naked As We Came”  truly fits the “Rhythm of Roxie.”

The Critters Are Still… At My House

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Sitting Still

As many of you who read this blog regularly know, Roxie and Jean Claude have two residences:  my house and my daughter CCL’s house.  CCL was to pick them up from my house Thursday night.  Yet as I write this blog Roxie is watching the computer screen intently, perhaps trying to see what I write about her and JC.   Yep, they are still here.  Although still is not the operative word.  Yesterday morning they were  fighting like cats and dogs.  I say dogs because Jean Claude , a black Bombay, thinks he’s a dog.  It was quite a fight – lots  of  running, leaping screeching, meowing and clawing and fur flying everywhere, mostly Jean Claude’s.  Roxie is pretty feisty.   Still??   Earlier this morning I went to get one of my winter tops out of the closet.  The tops are usually stacked neatly on top of shelf in the closet but Jean Claude has a habit of pulling them out as if sorting  them for something to wear.   Sure enough, tops scattered everywhere on the closet floor and a sky blue velour top  I like is no where to be found.  There I said it.  Sorry JC now the world knows your secret.  JC  also knocked down a bag containing   CCL’s jewelry wrapped in plastic and began playing with the plastic .  He then went to get him something to eat and demanded (by patting on the  front window blinds ) I raise the blinds so he could see out the front window.   So despite the clothing and jewelry fetish,   Jean Claude is all male.  In fact he spends a great deal of time in his cave.

Master of My Fate

The last two lines of the poem “Invictus” by William Henley are:

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.
I have a copy of this poem in my house since I’m a Delta. But the last two lines are lines that everyone knows. I thought of this because Azeena has me addicted to a game called Harbor Master. The point of the game (which is played on a touchscreen device) is to guide ships in and out of the harbor safely after they have docked and unloaded their cargo. In the beginning it’s easy with few ships, but as you get further into the game, ships come at varying speeds and you need much better navigational skills. As harbor master, you’ll have a lot going on.

With cats, there’s always craziness at the house. Anyone with more than two cats will always have some story about something turned over, broken, peed on, scratched, chewed and the list goes on. But while you can’t control the cats, you can control your response. You are the master of your fate. To often we feel like we are trapped by circumstance, when we are trapped by our own inability to feel like we can act. You can’t guarantee the outcome, but you can have the choice. For example, if you don’t like your job you can quit. You might not be able to find another job, but at least you won’t be in the old one. If you are in a relationship that isn’t working out, you have the choice to leave or change your behavior. The other person may not respond the way you want them to, but you have a choice.

In fact, the only area of my life where I am NOT the captain of my fate is trying to keep Roxie out of trouble and Jean-Claude inside. Cats are animals that you can’t master. I have mastered responding to their signals for “feed me now” “play time” and “change the litterbox” so maybe they are truly the masters of my fate.