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Change is acoming!

So the cats will be coming to my house. Tomorrow is the day. I have had to Roxie proof my house. Since on this blog we have blogged about Roxie’s need to pee outside of her litterbox when she is mad, I know that she will be looking for things to use to try to pee on to show her displeasure. In all honesty though, it will feel like I have new cats. We haven’t lived together since early January and it is now almost April!

Spring is here. Spring is the time of renewal, rebirth. In order to grow, plants must let go. For trees they let go of their leaves, some lose branches, but keep their roots.

We must do that. We must keep our roots, but let go of all the other things that are holding us back so that we can grow bigger and better.

Remember to work on your roots! Let go of everything else.

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