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Mad Men, Cultural Change

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I am a big fan of television program “Mad Men.”  It exemplies the culture of years past and captures some the rituals and tension I felt in my own life growing up.  There’s been a lot of discussion about women and our rights as women in the news.  Some would prefer that things revert to the way they were during the 1960s.  A lot of those advocating those ideas grew up in that era, perhaps their backward thinking is waxing nostalgia or a refusal to grow up and accept that things, the way we live are vastly different now.

During the 1960s my sister and I would “go-go” around the house dancing the “swim,” “the cool jerk” or the “pony”.  One memorable evening , the week my brother was born, my aunt J, my sister and I had a “pony” procession around the house to go-go song  “El Pussycat,”  pausing and going completely still at the bridge  (where the cats begin to meow).  Here’s the song for those of you who have never heard it or those who just want to remember.

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