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I paid a visit to Roxie and Jean Claude today.  Last night during a cocktail party at CCL’s house JC came out to greet me, Roxie stayed hidden.  Today she came out for a brief spell, let me pet her and then dissappeared into CCL’s bedroom where she rested comfortably on the middle of the bed.  Clearly, she has adjusted to her new/old space and  it was time.  It’s funny about some things in our lives, people come and go.  If we are lucky we have people (and animals and a couple of pairs of jeans) that grow with us.  Change is inevitable – as is the passing of time.  Sometimes one lingers in a spot for a long time, it’s comfortable or it  feels like if we give the situation more time there might be some magical transformation.  Eventually reality and acceptance steps in.  We have waited  and it is still the same old, same ole but we have grown and expanded emotionally, mentally and spiritually – and the situation  just doesn’t fit.  It’s time for new adventures.

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