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TWO Zoos in the News- Bad Actors, Suffering Animals

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Dogpaddling Through Life

Oh Dog! We’re a couple of days late with Hisses and Purrs this week. Seems the holiday got us a bit off track. But fear not, for Hissy Fit Jones and June Buggie are here now to keep you up to date on the latest animal welfare news around the world.

OK, Hissy, you’re on!

Hisses to the Denver Zoo for allowing visitors to pay to feed and pet a black rhino. A woman was sent to the hospital after the rhino, Mshindi, bit the woman’s finger. Some reports indicate a finger was bit off.

Hisses to Robert Losasso, 68, of Somers Point, N.J., who was recently arrested for shooting birds protected under the federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act. Losasso is accused of shooting red-tailed hawks, sharp-shinned hawks, red-shouldered hawks and Cooper’s hawks.

Hisses to New Zealand fashion designer Annah Stretton, who recently gave an interview to the…

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