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Crumbs Lead the Path To Freedom

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It was a lovely cool day  Saturday so I decided why not just open the window to my bedroom.  I usually keep it closed as Jean Claude and Koko have pushed out the screen trying to reach the birds that congregate on the air conditioner unit that hangs from the window in the room adjacent to the bedroom.  But Saturday, I said why not open it for a time.    Mistake.   As I sat reading the newspaper in the television room JC entered with a little present:  a bird, still alive.   Apparently he or Koko had pushed out the bottom the bedroom window  screen and the bird either flew in or was  yanked in by one of the cats.    I was of course horrified and screamed,  startling  JC who released his grip on the creature who then began to fly around the room.  Frightened I shut the door leaving the bird inside and went to run an errand, forgetting JC was still in the room.   I assumed the poor bird met his fate.   To   my surprise  two hours later,   I opened the door  and  the bird began to fly around the room.    I  then opened a window, pushed JC  out of the room but was not fast enough for Koko who entered and captured the bird, again.    I was screamed and  Koko released the bird .   So I put Koko out and closed the door and put some crackers on the ledge.     An hour later I opened the door.  No bird.   Koko and Jean Claude remained downstairs in the living room.    I think the bird, with the help of the crumbs,  figured out how to get out the open window and  went on  to other things.

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