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Comic geniuses Keegan  Michael-Key and Jordan Peele (AKA Key & Peele)  produced and star in the upcoming “Keanu” movie  (April 29) about a kitten who  is adopted by Peele’s character only to be kidnapped by gangsters. Key and Peele masquerade as gangsters to retrieve the precious kitty “Keanu.”  Here is the promotional calendar featured in produced by the film’s promoters.



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  1. I think, using Cats as a canvas for the human condition and how we treat each other is a good thing. Also K&P are raising the steaks from a media value proposition and peeling back the onion of life as we know it in new and better ways, while enhancing production value (creating content that is not just merely funny).

    In these days of Large Zoo Cats eating ( “friendly” human captors, it is obvious that the whole animal kingdom is on to the “top-of-the-food-chain” magic that we humans have inflicked on them, and we may NOT be the smartest link in the chain.. as we are nothing more but what Nature has allowed us to become! IMHO


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