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#KeanuMovie Calendar

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Comic geniuses Keegan  Michael-Key and Jordan Peele (AKA Key & Peele)  produced and star in the upcoming “Keanu” movie  (April 29) about a kitten who  is adopted by Peele’s character only to be kidnapped by gangsters. Key and Peele masquerade as gangsters to retrieve the precious kitty “Keanu.”  Here is the promotional calendar featured in produced by the film’s promoters.



The Great Escape

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Jean Claude inspects CCL's new backyard security measures.

Jean Claude inspects CCL’s new backyard security measures to keep him and Koko in the yard.

Koko and Jean Claude really enjoy their time outdoors at CCL’s new house. Unfortunately Koko really wants to explore the neighborhood and has found several escape routes. CCL has attempted to block the free spaces in her backyard with plastic containers and has installed a warning system (the orange plastic container at the top of the fence). No matter. Yesterday afternoon, Koko managed to escape to her nextdoor neighbors yard and quietly returned when she was ready.


(This Post ran in March of 2013 but not much has changed at CCL’s house – Great Escapes continue to happen daily)


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As I write this I am enjoying pomegranate lemonade…ahh.  Spoke with Miss Georgia today (my moma and CCL’s grandmom).   The giant monster plant that once dominated the living room is no more.   Mom came downstairs this morning to find the plant on the floor, its clay container in pieces.  No one in the house including my mom,  cousin or sister heard the plant fall.  It had been sitting on a large  table —  placed there  by my sister  when she moved back to Cleveland from DC eight years ago.  It was just a small thing  back then  but it grew and was at least five feet high and probably as wide.    Last time I saw the plant  it looked something like the one in Roger Corman’s 1960 film “Little Shop of Horrors. ”    I could just imagine it saying one day “Feed Me.”   Anyway the plant  fell at some point overnight.  My mom, in an effort to rescue  part of it, gathered the remains and put them in a pot of water on the back deck.  “You know,” she told me “After awhile  plants just commit suicide.  They’re done and that’s it.”   Guess that’s what happened to the petunias I planted in April.