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There are some who seek drama and excitement at every turn.  Life for them is reality TV – anything but real – never peaceful.

The soul  needs the subtle nuturing  that only a moment of quiet  and peace can bring – ok maybe in Brookland DC birds are still  chirping.   Try a quiet prayer, look up, a yoga pose – but a moment

Regardless of religious belief or practice, there are ways to find a moment for soul renewal – even if it’s just to sit in one’s backyard with a good book for five minutes.image

Hidden Treasure

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Tyler Perry has produced a new show for the OWN network entitled “The. Have And Have Nots” full on intruque, faux drama, and camp. I haven’t seen it yet but I enjoy the ABC drama “Scandal” with Kerri Washington and except for cooking and house hunting shows I dislike reality television. Those of you who read this blog know I prefer the drama of Jean Claude and Koko. You also know JC raids my closet when he is at my house leaving a mess and now,as I found the other day , he also hid his special toys such as the cough drop pictured here in my closet.