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Your Space: Paws Make the Difference

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Although she still comes to  Brookland, DC periodically for a visit, Koko spends most of her time now at  her Philadephia residence with CCL.  The Philly townhouse does not provide much in terms of yard space but it does have a spacious basement where Koko seems quite content. After more cement was added,  Koko  put her own decorating touches on the floor of the basement in CCL’s  house.  HGTV take note!


Decorating Tips for Cats

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Regular readers of #CatsAndAllThat know that Koko, the domestic shorthair, and Jean Claude, the black Bombay have two residences and are quite comfortable with the decor.

The Washington Post Local Living Section recently published an article with decorating tips for those with cats.



The cats get to live in style, too