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Your Space: Paws Make the Difference

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Although she still comes to  Brookland, DC periodically for a visit, Koko spends most of her time now at  her Philadephia residence with CCL.  The Philly townhouse does not provide much in terms of yard space but it does have a spacious basement where Koko seems quite content. After more cement was added,  Koko  put her own decorating touches on the floor of the basement in CCL’s  house.  HGTV take note!



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I admit it.  I am a perfectionist.  I like things that have order and purpose.  That’s the thing about sharing custody of cats.  They are clean and persnickety but they need care and your furniture is subject to their moods.   Cats rule.  This week Koko comes to stay with me for an extended time period.  As I am a big fan of HGTV, particularly “Fixer Upper,” I’ve begun the work needed to make her as comfortable as possible.  Her jumping chair is strategically placed for her to jump to the top of my dining room hutch and of course,  custom blinds have been installed in the porch window of my house for her viewing pleasure.

I am a perfectionist but I’m learning.

Hotel Accomodations

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Last week, once again had to deal with Roxie and a certain..hmph, hmph …reoccuring problem. That meant a litter box in my front room upstairs. Naturally Roxie was better in a few days but still felt the need to have an extra bathroom in her house. These cats…they lead a good life. Fancy Feast, outdoor lounge area and filtered water. A dog’s life often refers to the worse. Guess a cat’s life should be a slang term referring to all thing luxurious. At least Roxie thinks so.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you pet owners out there!!