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It’s A Guy Thing Right?? I Won’t Try to Understand

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Jean Claude Giving Instructions

When author John Gray pioneered the whole “Men Are from Mars” thing, I’m sure he didn’t have cats in mind. Still Jean Claude, the male Bombay cat, is decidedly male. Going to his chair at night, retreating to his cave – and just in general while a true gentleman acts like a dude, truly. If there is no food in his bowl he is in your face, agressively looking in your eyes. When a stranger comes to the door he growls like a dog. He is very protective of CCL and me. He enjoys his solitude and will sit on the lawn in my backyard quietly watching the birds. Roxie, of course, ( a true [priss puss) just runs wild. Jean Claude doesn’t chase after the birds, he’s too cool for that but he has been known to get really wacky when exposed to large quantitites of catnip – I guess a bourbon won’t do.*

*no we do not give the cats liquor