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Cat Language

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Grace, the tabby, is highly vocal. She asks for food, playtime, and treats in loud, continuous sounds. Grace, like most cats, also has non-verbal clues.

It’s Time To Take A Trip

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Fall Again

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As I write this Grace, the large tabby is exploring our back yard and watching the world through the partial chain link fence. It is a warm sunny day and Grace is taking in a little late afternoon sunshine.

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Cats And Dogs Together

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Read the hilarious article about cats imitating dogs

Peace in the Rain

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Underneath my house is a small sitting nook. As it rains I am marching in place in the nook to the tune of Roy Ayers “Everybody Loves the Sunshine.” Nearby Grace relaxs on a chair.
We are in the midst of quite a lot right now but even during the rain we can find time to relax and get some peace.