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Away Games

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I admit it.  I am still a bit angry that LeBron James left the Cavaliers.  I have been rooting for the Spurs during the NBA Playoff series. Truth is I like both teams.  I just don’t want LeBron to win.  Sometimes we  find so-called friends who feel that way toward us.  It is called playa hating for a reason.   We have to rise above their petty deceptions and discouragements and keep on moving toward our goals.  If LeBron helps the Heat win tonight he is doing  just that – playing an excellent game – which he does and rising above those (me) who want him to lose just cause.

King J.C.

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I’m from Cleveland.  Yeah, we lost LeBron but the Cavs won their first pre-season game last night.   There are still some folks some wondering whether it was a bad move or a good move.  Will LeBron (literally and figuratively) miss the ball??   King James, as he was known, has moved on.   His decision still a question mark, even  according to news reports  for himself.   I think what makes one true royalty, a person of real value to the world , is the ability to know one’s self.   I watched today as Jean Claude regal and royal  stood at the back porch door watching as my neighbor Bonnie’s dog “Six” carried on.  JC, who has been known to meow like a dog himself at times of crisis, was nonplussed.  He knows himself.  His kingdom is where he chooses.