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There are friends and people in your life that are only meant to be kept for a season.  The length of that season is up to you.   I’m told that people can’t and don’t change but we do every day.  No one day is the same.  Grace, the tabby cat, does have a routine but she is always flexible.  Sometimes change is a good thing.  It is hard but worth the effort.

        Your Destiny Awaits

Expanding One’s Dimensions

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Yesterday was a restful, enjoyable Fourth catching up on some loose ends.  Tuesday, Roxie’s remains were removed from the alley. If only it were so easy to remove her memory.  Getting perspective has helped.     Jean Claude, the black Bombay cat,  seems to have settled down after time at CCL’s house.   I did a radio interview yesterday about the attack that killed Roxie.    DC Animal Control has expanded its case to find the dogs and their owner.  Healing continues.  There are a lot of people  I know who deal daily with grief, loss, the deteriorating health or sudden death of a loved one/and or family member. They handle their life situations with aplomb, letting joy not bitterness dictate their circumstances. They take the higher road to personal growth by expanding themselves and anchor themselves to new tomorrows filled with hope and promise.  The hurt and pain is still there over Roxie’s demise but I know I should  honor her memory  and I must continue to grow as well.

What Is It You Want Anyway??

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There is so much to be said about being clear about one’s goals. A lot of people really don’t know what they want and they rely on outside sources and other people to tell them what is best. Problem is sometimes other people, even loved ones operate or tell us what is good for us as it serves their best interests – and not ours. People, particularly those we love, often fear our need to change or to grow. Why?? It means change for them or as well and sometimes it also means the new and improved you can no longer fulfill their needs. There is nothing wrong with putting yourself first, showing yourself love and adoration. It can be the start to loving, giving and growing to your fullest capacity.