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Steve Jobs – A Dreamer, A Genius, An Inspiration

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I just spent an hour dealing with a dilemma with the cable company.  An hour, I could have been planting flowers, or talking to a  friend or working on a project to help others.  It was my choice, but sometimes one needs to make better choices than haggling over a broken  electronic device.   Take for example Steve Jobs – a genius who is gone from this planet much too soon.   He led us into the universe of personal laptops, Iphones, Ipads and possibilities.  Jobs was a dreamer who knew how to close the gap between visions seen and visions realized. He will be missed but never forgotten.  He changed the world.

How many of us have dreams we have yet to realize or fulfill?  Dreams – that put into action  may not change the entire world but  that could deeply impact our communities??

Steve Jobs With The Iphone

Maybe, for awhile at least ,  it’s just best to  tell the cable company , the missing contractor, the arrogant customer service representative  on the phone to STUFF IT!   We’ve all got more important things to do.  Perhaps it is wise we take Steve Jobs ” no excuses” mantra  and get started on realizing our dreams.

What Is It You Want Anyway??

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There is so much to be said about being clear about one’s goals. A lot of people really don’t know what they want and they rely on outside sources and other people to tell them what is best. Problem is sometimes other people, even loved ones operate or tell us what is good for us as it serves their best interests – and not ours. People, particularly those we love, often fear our need to change or to grow. Why?? It means change for them or as well and sometimes it also means the new and improved you can no longer fulfill their needs. There is nothing wrong with putting yourself first, showing yourself love and adoration. It can be the start to loving, giving and growing to your fullest capacity.