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The Value of Rest

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It’s estimated that domestic cats spend 15 hours a day sleeping.  Their physiology demands that they sleep to recover from activity.

Reverend  Dr. Howard John Wesley, the pastor of one of the Washington DC’s area’s largest churches, Alfred Street Baptist Church, is on sabbatical until Easter. The church calls it a season of #selah, the Hebrew word for “break” or “rest.”  There have been some who questioned the pastor’s decision,  announced late last year.   However,  I  understand the wisdom of Reverend  John Wesley’s choice.  Rest is the foundation for everything else and provides the seeds for spiritual renewal.  Following rest, we can come back better than before.   Modeling the pastor’s decision, I have drawn inspiration and peace from taking time to rest.




When the Cats Are Away

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Roxie and Jean Claude are at their other residence. I miss them but I do welcome the chance to reclaim my home.  When they go to CCL’s house,  I undercover furniture and put away their toys and their scratching posts .  I visit them at CCL’s house.    We all need time for solitude and renewal.  It allows us  to  recapture our spirit and reflect on the many blessings from God.