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This feels like a good time to reblog this particular post.

Cats & All That ™

There are friends and people in your life that are only meant to be kept for a season.  The length of that season is up to you.   I’m told that people can’t and don’t change but we do every day.  No one day is the same.  Grace, the tabby cat, does have a routine but she is always flexible.  Sometimes change is a good thing.  It is hard but worth the effort.

        Your Destiny Awaits

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Roxie’s Laser Toy is Lost – Again

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Cats truly love laser toys. Here’s a blog from the past featured the late great Japanese bobtail Roxie

Cats & All That ™

Roxie, the Japanese bobtail, is frisky . She needs lots of attention and lots of play- or else.  We are at the “or else “stage right now. That’s right folks, Roxie’s current laser toy is missing.  I’ve looked everywhere for it and Madame is not pleased.  Between that and having to give her meds daily…well it can be overwhelming.   You may think that perhaps, Jean Claude, the black bombay, in a fit of jealousy hid the toy.   No, JC is really quite sweet especially after his morning constituional.  Today it was raining quite a bit but he went outside anyway and spent time sitting on the lawn meditating under the giant tree in my back yard.  Later he came back inside  the house slightly wet and retreated to one his “spots” under the chair in my sitting room. Roxie, well, she’s Roxie.

Here’s a tribute to the rain and…

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Cats Can Be Friends Too!

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I just read another recent study that suggests dogs are more loyal than cats.  Of course, I know better.  I remember years ago when I had very painful dental surgery and the late great Roxie (the Japanese bobtail) would not leave my side as I rested on CCL’s sofa. While I slept she in fact laid on top of me. Most recently, Grace, a true diva, has provided a sense of comfort during the COVID crisis. She is also quite chatty too.

If there is any doubt that cats make good companions and are loyal to boot, read the story from Reader’s Digest of “Henry and Baloo.”  Owners of Henry, a rescue dog, found that their pup seemed to suffer separation anxiety, so they adopted Baloo to keep him company.  You can read the story here:


Henry and Baloo




JuiceBox Heroics

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Doctors recently performed a unique form of surgery on a cat who was attacked by a dog. “JuiceBox” had buttons sewn into his face to hold stitches together. If all goes well the button stitches will be out soon. Read the story in the attached link.

JuiceBox Post-Surgery

Sometimes We Need A Little Whimsy

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Cats as a rule are curious. They explore. They discern and they adjust to our habits, our likes, etc most of the time. Even Grace, the overweight tabby, who has me on a schedule is respectful of my time. Yes, she verbally commands attention and she has no problem being disruptive but her actions are done for a purpose. To eat, to play and to show me who is boss.

Like other cats she is also intuitive. She realizes that we are in the midst of a challenging and sometimes frightening situation. For her just like for us this is serious. Still she understands the need for all of us to have some escapism and some fun.

A lot of humans don’t. They have the need to instill a dose of “reality” – their reality – in to any situation. Everything must be dissected, examined and discussed, not matter what pain is produced. Even television programs meant to entertain us purely based as fantasy. Everything is SO SERIOUS. For sure we are in serious times but sometimes we need a little whimsy to bring us peace. That’s why, even though we are in a new year, Grace has decided to keep the Christmas tree lights up for awhile.

Grace says the tree stays until she’s ready for it to come down.

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