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The Great Escape

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Looking back #catlife

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Jean Claude inspects CCL's new backyard security measures. Jean Claude inspects CCL’s new backyard security measures to keep him and Koko in the yard.

Koko and Jean Claude really enjoy their time outdoors at CCL’s new house. Unfortunately Koko really wants to explore the neighborhood and has found several escape routes. CCL has attempted to block the free spaces in her backyard with plastic containers and has installed a warning system (the orange plastic container at the top of the fence). No matter. Yesterday afternoon, Koko managed to escape to her nextdoor neighbors yard and quietly returned when she was ready.

(This Post ran in March of 2013 but not much has changed at CCL’s house – Great Escapes continue to happen daily)

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New Spaces

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We are near the end of February. Already my allergies are creeping up and I am seeing spring and summer shoes on the web. Before you know it, it will be time to clean off the outdoor furniture and set up outside seating areas. Grace, the tabby, has already started making new spaces. A few weeks ago as I emptied shopping bags, Grace claimed them and then dragged her favorite mouse toy to the place where she gathered the bags. Yes, she now has a play station in the middle of the living room floor.

Grace’s Play Station

Preparing for Positive Change

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We all need hope. There is a lot of uncertainty and chaos out there. Trust that things can get better and will get better. In the meantime, it helps to practice gratitude, even when it’s hard sometimes.

Grace in Place


Cat and Dog Favorites

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People Magazine recently “polled” cats and dogs about their favorite products. You can read the list here:

Thanksgiving Blessings

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As we approach Thanksgiving it is a time to remember the many blessings we receive throughout the year. Time with family is always wonderful and we look forward to sharing memories and good food. We also start preparing for the Christmas season. Grace always stakes out the space under the Christmas tree as soon as it goes up, whether it’s decorated or not. Blessings and peace to you and yours this holiday season.

Grace Preparing for Christmas