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Roxie hiding out

Roxie is looking at me with loving eyes as I write this,  purring loudly. Her enthusiasm for the blog continues. Did I mention that she hopped on top of my PC  the day I signed up to write C-AT??  She sat  in my lap and listening closely as I conferred with her “mom,” my daughter.
Roxie is now in love with her laser toy.   She likes it almost as much as she likes watching “Countdown With Keith Olbermann”  and Cary Grant movies.  Still,  I’m amused at her excitement for this blog creation.
Her step-brother Jean Claude is resting in his chair after a day that included braving the rain for a quick jaunt outdoors and conference calls with birds seeking shelter in the air conditioner by my bedroom window. Soon it will be dinner time and then time for a bit of play.   In the meantime we’ll settle down for some television. “House” is on Bravo tonight.

– Azeena

Jean Claude on "his" chair

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