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Happy Cat

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Sometimes we just need to relax    Koko at rest

Office Space

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officespaceI have a virtual office for my business and I work out of my  tiny home office.    The office  is full of memorabilla with a sunny view of my TV room.  It’s small, warm and cozy.   Of all the spaces in my house, Koko and Jean Claude seem to like  my office best.   CCL says it’s   because I’m always in my office.  I think the cats just want a small, warm place for their headquarters.


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CCL’s Front Yard Garden

My daughter CatzandAllDatz  AKA , CCL(Crazy Cat Lady)  has a beautiful front yard garden.  As her mom,  I  am a bit anal when it comes to yards  and I must admit  I did not share CCL’s vision when early this  summer  she and a group of the neighborhood children planted the garden.  To me the “garden”  appeared to be a mishmash of mums, ground plants and  flowers. Where, I would ask  CCL (often), is the  theme?   Why didn’t you just put down grass? , I would say each time I paid a visit.  Where , I would ask, is the structure? When,  I would ask CCL,  are you going to put down more mulch?     Soon the rain came, the sun did its work and  CCL had mulch put down in between the flowers and plants.  Now  a living piece of art  graces my daughter’s  front yard.      Isn’t life sometimes like that? A series of unseemingly related events comes together with human inspiration and God’s touch and voila! Faith brings us bouquets.

It’s Back!! The Giant Monster Plant Lives

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Feed Me

(Paid a visit to mom over the Christmas holidays and yes, the giant plant is  thriving.  I wrote this post three years ago when the late, great Roxie was still with us)


I’m at my mom’s house this week, looking after sis and caring for mom’s plants, house etc. Don’t worry Roxie and Jean Claude are guarding my house (with help from CCL and assorted friends, family etc.). You may recall the blog I wrote last summer (Planticide- July 18, 2010). I described a giant plant in my mom’s living room that fell over and its pot broke into hundreds of pieces. Yes mom rescued a piece of the plant and put it in water and then repotted it. Well here it is folks one year later complete with scales and four-foot branches. I’m just waiting for it to say “Feed Me” circa “Little Shop of Horrors,” the 1960 movie which featured Jack Nicholson.

Morning Constitutional

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When at my house, Roxie and Jean Claude have a morning routine. If I am not up by a certain time Roxie jumps on the bed and gets in my face to wake me up.   After I go through a couple of my own morning rituals, I go downstairs quickly followed by Jean Claude and Roxie who usually stop to take in a little breakfast and then wait for me to open the back porch door so they can go outside.   JC generally likes to go and hang for awhile. When the neighbors let their dogs out and the dogs bark,  he sits in the grass unphased, ocassionally dialouginng with birds.   Roxie of course is well sheself. Of late she’s taken to plopping on  my easy chair in my outdoor sitting room underneath the back porch. Just chillin.