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Roxie and Jean Claude are on an extended stay at their other residence, CCL’s house. This afternoon I paid them a visit and my daughter made brunch.    I water her plants . Yes,  I provide landscape services for two residences.  Lately  Roxie has seen fit to leave  CCL’s house  unexpectedly and stay out for hours at a time – rumor is she has a man.   So as not to worry about her tarting out,   I lured the cats to the basement before going outside to water my daughter’s flowers.   Finished with the task and ready to enjoy sausage, eggs and pancakes I entered the house , let the cats out of the basement and sat down.  Oops !! CCL(my daughter) reminded me I forgot to get fresh thyme  from the garden for the eggs.    That meant going outside again.   Roxie and Jean Claude were already waiting by the back door poised to escape.  The basement trick would not work a second time in a row.  What to do??  CCL quickly  grabbed a spray bottle filled with water  and stood guard in front of me as I carefully opened the door, went outside grabbed the thyme  and came back in the house .  Teamwork.

Soft Scrambled Eggs(I recommend  finding more recipes  at Cook’s )

To scramble soft fluffy eggs, heat the pan or skillet,  add butter,  then eggs and  chopped herbs, turn off heat and scramble.   To prep the eggs I just beat eggs slightly and add a little water or cream and then pour into the pan before cutting  off the heat.  A friend also pours a lot of “Dash” straight into the heated  butter and then adds the eggs – also tasty.

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