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The Critters Are Still… At My House

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Sitting Still

As many of you who read this blog regularly know, Roxie and Jean Claude have two residences:  my house and my daughter CCL’s house.  CCL was to pick them up from my house Thursday night.  Yet as I write this blog Roxie is watching the computer screen intently, perhaps trying to see what I write about her and JC.   Yep, they are still here.  Although still is not the operative word.  Yesterday morning they were  fighting like cats and dogs.  I say dogs because Jean Claude , a black Bombay, thinks he’s a dog.  It was quite a fight – lots  of  running, leaping screeching, meowing and clawing and fur flying everywhere, mostly Jean Claude’s.  Roxie is pretty feisty.   Still??   Earlier this morning I went to get one of my winter tops out of the closet.  The tops are usually stacked neatly on top of shelf in the closet but Jean Claude has a habit of pulling them out as if sorting  them for something to wear.   Sure enough, tops scattered everywhere on the closet floor and a sky blue velour top  I like is no where to be found.  There I said it.  Sorry JC now the world knows your secret.  JC  also knocked down a bag containing   CCL’s jewelry wrapped in plastic and began playing with the plastic .  He then went to get him something to eat and demanded (by patting on the  front window blinds ) I raise the blinds so he could see out the front window.   So despite the clothing and jewelry fetish,   Jean Claude is all male.  In fact he spends a great deal of time in his cave.

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