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Roxie Does Yoga

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Cats are often known to sleep 80 percent of the day. Ok I heard that somewhere. Animal Planet?? Maybe. I don’t know I don’t get the impression that Roxie and Jean Claude ever sleep – at least not while at my house. Racket, hissing, meowing,preening and request for play go on all night long . Maybe they sleep at CCL’s. In fact, Roxie seems to enjoy watching late night television with me. She has of late become a fan of the “The Nanny.” Also as my Tivo is not working properly I have taken to using Namaste Yoga DVDs. Roxie usually walks the mat – I guess to supervise as she clearly is a yoga fanatic. I often catch her in full and unique pose by the stairs – stretched in Supta Badda Konasana (bent angle pose) or classic cat pose.

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