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Morning Constitutional

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When at my house, Roxie and Jean Claude have a morning routine. If I am not up by a certain time Roxie jumps on the bed and gets in my face to wake me up.   After I go through a couple of my own morning rituals, I go downstairs quickly followed by Jean Claude and Roxie who usually stop to take in a little breakfast and then wait for me to open the back porch door so they can go outside.   JC generally likes to go and hang for awhile. When the neighbors let their dogs out and the dogs bark,  he sits in the grass unphased, ocassionally dialouginng with birds.   Roxie of course is well sheself. Of late she’s taken to plopping on  my easy chair in my outdoor sitting room underneath the back porch. Just chillin.

Roxie Does Yoga

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Cats are often known to sleep 80 percent of the day. Ok I heard that somewhere. Animal Planet?? Maybe. I don’t know I don’t get the impression that Roxie and Jean Claude ever sleep – at least not while at my house. Racket, hissing, meowing,preening and request for play go on all night long . Maybe they sleep at CCL’s. In fact, Roxie seems to enjoy watching late night television with me. She has of late become a fan of the “The Nanny.” Also as my Tivo is not working properly I have taken to using Namaste Yoga DVDs. Roxie usually walks the mat – I guess to supervise as she clearly is a yoga fanatic. I often catch her in full and unique pose by the stairs – stretched in Supta Badda Konasana (bent angle pose) or classic cat pose.